How many calories for 1 kg fat loss ?

Losing Weight is just not simply a number game. To simply facts, we present you some basic stats for weight loss.

Do you know how much does it take to lose 1 kg per week ?

Negative calorie balance of 4000 calories is the right answer to lose 1 kg weight.

How Much calories is 1 Kg weight ?

Just for simplicity

500 to 700 calories deficit for 7 days in a week could help you lose 1 kg weight easily as per this stats mentioned.

So next time you want to try, Be prepared, Be determined. Remember slow sustained weight loss will be much better than crash or Fad diets. Do not fall in such Scams & Traps.

Weight Loss is mammoth task but understanding it deeply with various factors associated with it will be worthwhile for your ultimate aim.

1 kg per week could translate to 20 to 30 kg Weight Loss in 6 months. This is what you want rather than losing 10 kg in 1 month & regaining it back within 6 months.

Although weight loss does not follow all rules of mathematics but a rough idea by this article will be a game changer for fastest weight loss.

Remember weight loss should be safe , effective & sustained 1 by 1 kg translating to the best form of fat loss.

This article is written by Dr Dharmesh Dhanani & Dr Chintan B Patel at Obesity Bariatric at Kiran Super Speciality Hospital Surat Gujarat

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