Best Bariatric Center Surat

Best Bariatric Center Surat

India’s iconic Kiran Hospital & Best Bariatric team of Surat , Gujarat welcomes you!!

At best bariatric center surat your weight loss & obesity concerns are in safe hands of our top skilled surgeon team

Dr Dharmesh Dhanani & Dr Chintan B Patel

Best possible weight loss treatment solutions.

Customised Obesity profile approach


Why choose Obesity Bariatric at Kiran Hospital, Surat, Gujarat?

International Standards

Ethical & Scientific approach

24 x 7 Availability

Full time Super Specialist Doctors

Modern Technology

Latest 3D Imaging & Technology

Best Quality

Protocol Based Treatment

Our Results Say Everything!!!

How we can help...

At Best Bariatric Center Surat Wide range of different Weight Loss procedures to help you live the life you always wanted to
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Obesity - Tips & Facts

Best Bariatric Center Surat at Kiran Hospital is India’s leading weight loss center in Surat, Gujarat.

We share some insights & education to raise awareness about Treatment & Patient education on various topics related to Obesity.

Patient Information

Exercise and diet alone often fails to effectively treat people with severe obesity.

95 % people are unable to lose once they put on some extra kilos.

Bariatric surgery includes operations in which size of stomach is reduced or intestines are re routed to create a shorter channel for absorption of food.


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