Most Common sleeve gastrectomy performed bariatric surgery worldwide.

Surgeon removes about 75-80 percent of stomach along , creating a long, banana-shaped stomach 

sleeve gastrectomy

Benefits of Sleeve Gastrectomy

Diabetes, Hypertension (BP) , obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), joint pain, lipid (cholesterol) abnormalities, cardiac problems , Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), Infertility are improved or cured in more than 75%  of people undergoing gastric sleeve

Weight loss is faster with sleeve than with gastric band.

No bypass or re-routing changes to intestines & food stream.

No effect on the absorption of calories and nutrients in the intestines, so less vitamin, calcium , protein deficiency.

No foreign object like band placed in body.

Shorter hospital stay & Fast recovery

Studies prove Bariatric surgery reduces risk of death from obesity and Improves life Expectancy

Upto 10 %
Excess Weight Loss
60- 60 min
Operative Time​
2- 0 days
Hospital Stay​
1- 0 weeks
Recovery Time​

How Sleeve Gastrectomy Performed

Success Rates

Excess Body Weight Loss 74%
Diabetes Reversal 70%
Blood Pressure Control 69%
Sleep Apnea 92%
Arthritis 75%
Satisfaction Rate 98%
Follow Up 94%

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