Yes. We are talking here about natural weight loss in this article. Small lifestyle changes can go a long way for sustained weight loss.

1. Small Dish Plates

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Quick weight loss hacks

Many research studies have proved that people using smaller plate size tends to lose weight easily. Next time you sit for lunch / dinner , make sure to use smallest plates possible. This will limit binge eating behaviour.

2. Binge on Salad Greens

Salad greens

Full your plate full of green leafy vegetables & salads like cucumber, carrots, cauliflower, etc. More fiber will decrease fast absorption, improves cholesterol levels.

Contains less calories, help to shed some kilos easily.

3. Control your craving

Craving vs Hunger

Take a small break during mid Meal for 30 seconds and then ask for yourself ” Am i really Hungry ? ” It is important to differentiate between Craving and Hunger. This is guru mantra for most successful weight loss solutions.

4. Cut down on sugars

Reduce Sugars

Some Indians have a habit of sipping tea or soft drinks multiple times a day. Reduces atleast 1 spoon of sugar in every day for food items like making tea or coffee. Your reduced carbohydrates will be your best bet for weight loss.

5. 5 minutes in 1 hour rule

5 minutes in 1 hour Rule

This formula consists of 6 minutes exercises or brisk walk or office table exercises like stretching up your muscles , walking down the offfice ramp or sipping for a glass of water.

This helps you boost metabolism and improves calorie utilisation at cellular level of human body.

Weight loss can be easily achieved for people who complains of want of time for hectic schedule esp. office goers.

6. Water

Water for Weight Loss

Drinking adequate amount of water reduces unnecessary craving of sugary drinks & waste calories. 2 to 4 litres of water can be the easiest thing you can do without much efforts.

7. Fitness Devices

Fitness Bands for Fast Weight Loss

Fitness Bands, pedometer in mobiles, Food Log apps for food diary are a constant source of motivation to accelerate your weight loss journey. If you lose 5 kg, buy yourself a new pair of shoes or gym clothes to empower your mind for the all new rejuvenated personality.

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This article is written by Dr Dharmesh Dhanani & Dr. Chintan B Patel, top weight loss experts & pioneer Bariatric Surgeon of Gujarat, India

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