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When to visit weight loss doctor ?

Weight loss Operation decision is never an easy one. Many people suffer from serious obesity or weight more than 30 to 40 kg than the ideal normal body weight.

When the going against obesity gets tough then we explore more options for weight loss. But when it becomes impossible then Bariatric Surgery can be a boon for such patients.

So let’s discuss some common symptoms which may warrant you to see a Bariatric Surgeon or Weight loss doctor.

  1. Weight more than 30 kg than normal body weight. Ideal body weight is bmi between 18 to 25.
  2. Diabetes along with obesity can be a serious problem. It can be a source for many disease. Uncontrolled diabetes is dangerous
  3. Serious joint pains like knee or back spine problem when present with more than 100 kg weight.
  4. Body mass index more than 32.5 with obesity related problems or BMI more than 37.5
  5. Breathlessness , unable to walk , snoring problem because of heavy weight should be taken seriously and schedule visit to Bariatric surgeon as soon as possible for right guidance and weight loss options.

Of course not everyone needs surgery but for Indians weighing more than 90 to 100 kg with average height may have serious issues related to obesity who may benefit with exploring other options than diet and exercise

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