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Weight Loss How Much & Fast

How fast is Weight Loss after Bariatric surgery ?


  1. Bariatric Surgery is a very powerful tool for Weight loss & better control of Diabetes and Improved Quality of Life
  2. One can lose up to 75% of your excess body weight ( EBW ) within 1 year
  3. Average 3 months weight loss: One-third of excess weight
  4. Average 1 year weight loss: 2/3 to 3/4 of excess weight
  5. Typically patients usually lose a lot of weight very quickly, and they tend to keep the weight off over the long term
  6. Many patients reach “peak” or highest weight loss between one to two years

Can I regain my weight back ?

  1. Weight loss results after bariatric surgery are excellent with most patients keeping over 70% of their excess weight off at 10 years post operatively
  2. Patients who eat the right foods, exercise regularly, motivated and follow their surgeon’s advice can lose even more weight, while patients who back off  can lose less or regain 

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