low carbs diet


Low carbs diet

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for day to day activities. Often Diet plans & Diet Charts endorse very low carb food for quick weight loss.

It is direct fuel at cellular level & its role in human body becomes more important when it comes to Weight Management.

Still it is not that simple to interpret. Carbs can be simple or complex.

Simple carbs include direct sugars, fruits like grapes, Mango , Custard apple & Nuts. Easily digestible & absorbed in blood stream. Quick rise in glucose can be helpful in intense training exercise.

Complex Carbs are like oat meals, wheat, brown bread or foods like legumes, pulses which are combination of carbs, proteins. Slowly absorbed & steady source of energy for entire day.

As per guidelines, it should be 45 to 60 percent of your total calorie intake for normal person.

We recommend 40 percent carbs diet for people aspiring to lose fat belly.

Average calorie requirement comes to 2000 calories. Most diet plans recommend 1400 to 1600 calorie food intake for 1 kg weight loss in 1 week.

So , 40 percent of 1600 calories comes to 640 calories. 1 gm of carb is equal to 4 calories. So we divide 640 by 4 which is 160 gm of Carbohydrates.

So guru mantra for low carb diet is restricting to 160 gm of Carbs for efficient weight loss.

When your body is in negative balance, body will use fat stores & convert them to glycogen & ultimately to glucose.

Use food logs and apps to calculate your total carbs. Monitoring this will motivate your efforts & determination.

This article is written by Obesity Bariatric at Kiran Multi Super Speciality Hospital Surat, Gujarat


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